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High-Definition Video Editing
We are specialized in High-Definition Video Editing for Ad Films, TV Shows, Documentary, Short Films, Corporate and Event Videos. We have In-house workstation facility to edit 35mm & 16mm Film (Offline), 720/1080p AVC-Intra/ AVCHD/ DVCPRO HD/ XDCAM/ HDV and DV Videos in Native format. We capture and edit in 1:1 uncompressed to avoid any quality loss due to format conversion.

Audio Video Production
We have set up a production Studio at the tip of the Indian Peninsula with facilities like 1080p Chroma Key floor, 24/192kHz- 80 channels Live Sound recording equipments and Audio Dubbing Projection Theatre for works like Ad Film making, Music Videos, Audio CD Albums, Travelling & Tourism Videography, Web & Event Videos, Corporate and Educational videos etc. We will work with you from Imagination to Publication throughout the Pre-production, Shooting, Rough Cut, Editing, Special Effects, Titling, Animation, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, Authoring and publishing or Streaming.


Visual Effects
We also do Secondary colour Correction, Colorization, 2D Animation, Creative Titling, Special Effects, Virtual Sets, Video Paint, Colour Grading and 2D Particle Generations like Rain, Cloud, Water, Fire, Fireworks, Gun Shots, Snow, Smoke etc.


Sound Mixing & Mastering
We have world-class equipments and well-trained Sound Engineers for Audio Editing, Mixing and Mastering services in our Studios. We record and edit our audio in 24bit at 192 KHz to avoid distortion, anti-aliasing and quantization errors. We also deal with 32bit sources, 5.1 DTS/Dolby Multi channel Audio Encoding, Remastering, Dubbing, Noise Removal, forensic restoration, location recording and Special FX (Foley) creation.


Compositing & Film look
Our 2D services includes Digital Compositing, Rotoscoping, Blue/Green Matte Keying, Multiplication, Wire Removal, Noise & Grain Removal, Digital Cross Processing, Motion Tracking, Ramping, HD Upscaling, Video to Film Look etc. Feel free to contact us for any specific compositing requirement also...


Forensic Works
Our Media Forensic Analysis unit will handle Image restoration, Out of focus correction, deblurring, sharpening, deinterlacing, Reverse Editing, ELA analysis, Adaptive noise threshold filtering, Tracking and Stabilisation, Selective colour and lighting adjustments,  Noise, dust, distortion, artifact, fog, grain and scratch reduction.

Photo Works
Our Image Processing unit will handle Digital Photo Editing, photo Montage, Logo Design, Manuals, CD & DVD Covers, CD Box design, DVD Labels, Photo Noise Reduction, Image Interpolation, Photo Art works and various image processing techniques for Film Promos, Product & Model Photography, Wedding and Event Photography editing works.